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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try to have estate sale myself?

We don't recommend it even for ambitious people. Preparing for a sale and liquidating a home can be extremely emotional and tedious. We are proficient at expediting the time it takes to prepare for a sale. We can move through a  home quickly and efficiently while still respecting the home and contents. We can organize, stage , and price items to maximize the return. Marketing and conducting a sale is challenging. We have tools and resources ready to reach buyers and get them in the door. Problems will always arise and we have solutions. We can tailor a sale to fit your needs and minimize the stress.

Should I go through the home myself and start throwing things away?

This is usually a mistake we see repeatedly. What you might consider trash often times will be the most valuable thing in a home. We can help you get through a home quickly and identify the value and also help you locate those personal items that may get overlooked. We will work with you to discuss and locate items that are important for you and remove and protect them from getting destroyed or misplaced.

We can sell just about anything at an estate sale.

What do you charge to do an estate sale?

Every home and every sale is different. What we charge will directly reflect the amount of work it will take to prepare and manage a sale for you. Some homes may be staged and ready to go while others may require more work to remove trash and organize. We will work with you to explain and create a workable plan that works best for you. We don't charge minimums or upfront charges to get started. Our payment is reflected as a percentage of the total sales and will be determined with a consultation and determination of your needs.

How do you price items for a sale?

Pricing is usually the most tedious and time consuming process that we do. We have resources to accurately value and price items where  they will be most likely to sell. There are not many things we haven't sold over the years but there are always items we have never seen. We have access to an appraisal network to communicate with other appraisers in helping price those one of kind or unique items. Everything has a value. It's the know how in determining what you can sell it for in this market. 

What do you do with unsold items?

Items that end up not selling we would usually recommend being donated but ultimately that decision will be left to our clients. We work with several local charities and can manage and process all types of items to get them where they can be used. It is not easy to donate items anymore. Charities are extremely picky and will not allow you to just drop off anything. We know which items can be donated and which organizations will accept them. All of the local charities that we use and recommend support our community and will provide a slip for all tax deductible donations. 

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