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Our Services


We are long standing members of the Certified Appraiser Guild of America (CAGA). We have the knowledge to research and accurately value almost anything of value. Being a member of CAGA gives us access to a full network of professionals to value even the most difficult pieces.  Appraisals can be done for a single item or determine the value of an entire collection. We prepare professional reports that insurance companies love to see.


Business Liquidation

Whether you are closing a business or just need to liquidate old inventory, we can help. We have the ability to do large scale sales on a national level to maximize exposure for huge inventories or equipment.


We buy items too!

We love to buy a multitude of items. If you are looking for a quick sale without the hassle, we might be able to help. We are always looking for art, jewelry, coins, gold and silver pieces, toys, and tons of other quality collectibles. Our tastes are extreme. We have also been know to buy entire estates if it makes sense for us. Pictures will definitely help. Let us know what you have.


Estate Sales

  We provide "in-home" professional estate sales to get rid of everything. No need to start clearing and throwing out trash, we will handle it all. Staging, pricing, selling, and clearing it all out to leave the home ready to move on. We have seen it all and sold it all. No job is too big. Let us come take a look and find a solution for you.


Estate Clearouts

Sometimes there may not be enough in a home to warrant a sale. Maybe someone moved and left items in the home. Sometimes there are those overwhelming situations where there may just be too much stuff piled up. We can manage these situations as well. We can clear homes quickly and get the home ready for whatever your next step may be.


Liquidating a home or business can be tough
Let us help.

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